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A roof refurbishment is an overhaul of the existing roof covering.

Refurbishment restores the existing roof to a weather/waterproof state and ensures the roof is free from defects.

A refurbished roof will have an extended lifespan. Any roof defects will have been identified and appropriately fixed to prevent further damage.

Roof Refurbishment is appropriate for slate, tile and lead roofs.

Typically roof defects will have alerted home and business owners to general concerns with the roof covering or structure.

At other times a refurbishment will have been required at times of transition, such as prior to house valuation for sale or a transfer of use.

By having your roof professionally refurbished it will be guaranteed to be faultless This provides property owners with both reassurance and lower costs over the long term.

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Typical Refurbishment Process

Identify and isolate any defective areas such as broken, cracked, missing tiles or slates.
Strip the effected areas to remove the defective covering and assess the underlying roof and membrane structure.
Reinstate the areas with new or reclaimed materials to match existing roof covering and weather-tight seal.

Reslating Process

Erect scaffolding for access and safety
Strip and store slates by length, size and thickness
Re-felt the roof with waterproof breathable membrane. This allows water vapour to move through whilst remaining water and airtight to protect against wind pressure on the underside of the slates.
Re-batton to rafters with softwood batten boards are secured at each end and at points along their length to prevent bounce when driving in the slate or tile nails. battons are square sawn and butt-jointed at rafter centres. Splicing between supports would weaken the roof and allow battons to cantilever
Reslate - Verge overhang, eaves up, overhang, top and ridge tiles
Refixing lead flashings chimney aprons
Dry fix - Replace dry verges, hips and ridges
Wet fix - Verge pointing and far ends - ridges, hips, crested, finals