The following videos show GRP fibreglass roofs we have done.

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Old roof removed and tapper fillets fitted to increase gradient of roof if needed

Top up insulation installed if needed leaving a 50mm gap for airflow

Boarded with 8x2 OSB3 tongue and groove boards 8x4 sheets can also be used

Roof surface totally cleaned of all debris and trims wiped down with acetone to remove any contaminants

Trims and upstands are then sealed reinforced (joints as well if using 8x4 sheets

The roof is then fibre glassed with matting and resins

When the GRP has hardened the top gel coat is then applied

This video shows the usual process of doing a GRP fibreglass roof  

Typical GRP roofing process 

GRP Fibreglass Roofing Blackpool

GRP fibreglass roofing system is fast becoming the most popular form of flat roofing system on the market. And with more suppliers popping up all the time it means the price of the materials is coming down making it more affordable for every one so please contact us for a very competitive quote