Flat Roofs have their own traits, just like slate and tiles. There are so many different products on the market today, all of which are very good, when used correctly.

There are two main trouble areas for flat roofs. The major problem is caused when the roof allows water to stay on the roof after a rain. We call this effect “ponding”, and if it is not noticed for periods of time, will cause some major problems.

Standing water (or ponding) is a result of several things, but is usually caused when there is not proper drainage (gutters, downspouts) or the flat roof is just too “flat”. A flat roof should always have some very small amount of slope to ensure proper drainage. This slope is not visible to most people as the slope can very be minimal, just fractions of an inch every foot. Still when everything is correct, even this small amount of slope will aid in the water removal from the flat roof.

If our trained professionals find that you need an increase in your roof slope’s the remove the water from the roof, we can install Taped Insulation Roofing System. This is a system where layer by layer material is placed on the roof, in the area where the problem exists. As these layers are applied, a very minimal slope will occur. It is normally not visible to the untrained eye, but our professionals are fully trained in this process, and know exactly how much material your flat roof will require.

If water is left on the roof for long periods of time, it will weaken all the roofing material on the roof. This constant moisture and added weight created from the water, will not only damage your roofing material, but can damage the roof deck as well as the trusses. Once the trusses have been weaken or damaged, they must be replaced.
D&C Roofing Specialists have trained professionals who can replace your trusses. We can inspect the trusses for you when we meet with you to inspect your roof. We will only replace trusses that are weak or damaged.

The other problem created for flat roofs are when the material that has been used is beginning to deteriorate.  As long as there is no damage from “standing water”, it is a simple process to replace the roof. Sometime, the damage is of such a nature, that the whole roof will not need to be redone. We can simply fix the area where damaged. We will always try to make sure that we match the existing roof material so that the repair is not noticeable. If for any reason we are unable to match your roof, we will contact you immediately to discuss possible alternatives

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Flat Roof Repair or Complete New Roof in Blackpool and the Fylde

We carry out flat roof repairs to all types of flat roof in Blackpool and the Fylde

When repairing a flat roof we consult closely with the customer about the roof condition. Sometimes the roof is so badly deteriorated that a viable repair isn't an option.

We carry out free roof checks and provide free estimates for all roof work. When a customer contacts us about a flat roof problem

It is normal but not essential to repair a leaking flat roof using the same materials as those originally used. However if your flat roof is an old lead or zinc roof, and isn't visible from the house, using the same materials for the repair is an unnecessary expense. In this case we would normally repair it by patching the leak using Torch on felt or liquid rubber. Both these products will last between 10 and 20 years, and if it's an old flat roof they'll probably outlive the roof itself.

The top reasons why a flat roof leaks are:

Bad design - Not having an adequate fall on the roof or adequate outlets for water to drain from the roof.
Bad workmanship - The roof covering not being installed to the manufacturer's specifications.
Settlement - The roof holds water because the timbers supporting it have sagged and now allow water to pond on the roof.
Lack of maintenance - Solar-reflective stones or paint haven't been applied regularly to prevent the sun from blistering and splitting the surface.
Puncturing - People walking and working on the roof without taking care.
Poorly installed flashings - Flashings not dressed to the surrounding walls correctly or incorrect use of flashing materials, such as lead not being used correctly.

Our aim is to provide fast, efficient, guaranteed flat roof repairs with minimum disruption