Valley pointed with black mortar we also pointed around skylights as the foam on the flashing kits had been cut away?

How many nails? One nail in top corner is all that is needed
Also nailed every 18” down the sides? Lead needs to expand & contract

New lead installed in correct lengths

The Home owner was left with a large bill due to bad workmanship the roof was less than 4 years old. Whoever had done the roof had installed the lead in too long a length may be to save a bit of money on lead as not so many overlaps needed and also nailed the lead all the way down the nail in the top corner is all that is needed as lead needs to expand and contract with the changing a rule we only fit 1½ meter lengths max.

Old lead removed and discarded valley boards de-nailed

In these pictures you can see the lead has been fitted in almost 6m lengths in total there were 6 valleys to be redone all with the same problem

In these pictures you can see how the lead has started to crack due to not been able to move

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Re-tiled taking care not to nail through lead when fixing tiles

Putting right somebody else’s roof work again

Scaffold erected to conform to health & safety