The following video is of a slate roofing project carried out by D&C Roofing Blackpool

Not all Blackpool roofers are slaters so you really shouldn’t let a general builder have a go at slating you wouldn’t hire a pianist to play the drums would you?
Slating is a hard skill to master
I started my roofing life at the age of 15 with a team of slaters and it was nearly two years before I was even allowed to actually lay any slates
Having first to master cutting slates, setting out and battening
I had to lean all the gauges for different sized slates and different roof pitches
I had to learn how to correctly do valleys and set out eaves and toppers
I had to learn how to correctly do lead work for slates as it is totally different from tiles 

Be careful who you let on your roof 

The following pictures of a slate roof in Blackpool go to prove my point
The Blackpool home owner had a builder in to build a new store room but made a total mess of the slate roof

Not all Blackpool roofers are slaters 

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He got the batten gauge wrong no head lap on the slates at all the should be at least three inches and because this was such a flat pitch the should of been more. And the slates should be under the dry verge not on top.

Eaves slates were three inches to short may as well not been there five inch if you include the two inch overhang into the gutter the Eave slates flush with the fascia no overhang at all